Build happier, more productive days with results you are proud of. 

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The best free course I've ever seen on this, plus a really nice design. 


EverProductive is a course backed by science and built by interviewing 20+ high performing entrepreneurs. Helping you learn the core high performance habits, systems and tactics needed to achieve highly productive, focused days. Build better results in your career, business and life. 


This course focuses on building deep underlying habits followed by actionable tactics to get things done. If you're looking for a quick 5 minute fix or checklist, this is not it. You will learn the not always glamorous but necessary things needed for you to create your best day. 


Day 1

You will learn why you struggle to get more productive, what the "productivity pillars" are and how to upgrade your routines to wake up fully charged and ready to go each day. 

Day 4 

Distractions kill our productivity. Learn the science and psychology of why we struggle to stay focused and techniques to achieve powerful focus in a distracting world.  

Day 2 and 3

What, why and how to eat to maximize your own cognitive function, memory and energy each day. Along with an exact workout routine for busy entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Day 5 

Create a system, get organized and implement the tactics to start delivering better and quicker results that get you noticed.  Discover a unique way to schedule your tasks and get things done.

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So practical, unlike a lot of the other programs I've seen.

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