Agile DevSecOps Implementation

Completed: Spring 2023

Mission & Goal:

To implement Lean-Agile DevOps framework in the product org, aligning squads around a single backlog and value streams.  where the team had daily time-boxed stand-up meetings, sprints, sprint reviews, quarterly increment planning and retrospectives. The goal was to learn from the process, validate the learnings, improve faster, and have fun with the journey.

My Role:

Acting as a Senior PM and one of the Agile Squad leads, my role was to implement this new framework across our backlog and coach and train the team into how and why we are implementing it, the change of approach and what would differ and the expected outcomes.  

We aligned around the scaled agile framework, shifting work into value streams and aligning on a continuous delivery framework to deliver features at a regular interval to our customers.

Metrics & Outcomes:

  • Implementation of DORA metrics.
  • Quicker, more frequent releases going from every 2-3 weeks down to weekly (~50% improvement). Business users see more frequent feature releases increasing satisfaction and trust in product teams.
  • Improved focus on building an MVP for features and which stories add the most value.
  • Decreased post implementation bugs due to smaller more focused releases.
  • Better creation of quarterly roadmaps of capacity and planning.

Recognition Received:

Excellent work Paul to help our newly integrated team align under DevSecOps and compose a single backlog that now consolidates all of the issue types needed in Jira for a single view of features, enhancements, maintenance, security, risk, technical debt, NFRs and etc. Thanks for getting it done together.

Kung Young, Lead Product Manager