Azure Cloud Implementation

Completed: 2020-2021

Mission & Goal:

The goal of this project was to embrace the companies mission to become a digital leader by modernizing technical platforms to allow for greater performance, flexibility and faster release cycles.

Users & Painpoints:

A number of financial and investment products were being run on legacy tech stacks and platforms. This led to issues with non functional requirements such as speed, performance and reliability impacting usability for users along with creating long release cycles and greater risk and audit issues.

My Role:

Working as a hybrid Project  / Product manager, I offered our portfolio management product as a pilot to move to the Azure cloud backend. Working cross functionally, with architecture, cloud teams and our development teams, we built requirements, user stories, testing plans and delivered the work in an agile approach, creating parallel environments before cutting over all users to the new Azure cloud platform.

The success of our pilot helped spark an enterprise wide initiative to move all feasible technical products to the Azure cloud infrastructure.

Outcomes & Metrics:

  • One of the first to complete the migration in our division.
  • We largely improved the NFR for our metrics. Higher availability. Better back end performance for our products. Easier to scale architecture for data growth as our products and users grew.
  • Lower costs due to dynamic scaling infrastructure. In the legacy environments costs tended to out way usage. In Azure, we implemented dynamic scaling and startups of infrastructure to align with usage and dramatically decrease infrastructure costs.

Recognition Received:

Innovative, detailed and quick, I oversaw Paul’s work on a number of high priority projects. The largest being a move of certain internal products to a cloud based platform.

He not only successfully coordinated and laid out a plan for that, but drove in further optimizations which recovered costs, improved stability and reduced incidents all by over 50% on certain products.”

JasoN Ribeiro, director infrastructure & Platform Enablement