Instilling a Continuous Improvement Culture

Completed: Q3 – Q4 2022

Mission & Goal:

The mission of this initiative was to instill a high performance culture of continuous improvements by searching for those 1% gains using analytics to identify areas of improvement and brainstorming solutions.  Looking for small wins that can add up to big wins. We specifically targeted NFR (non functional requirements) type scores to improve the stability and usability of the platform so the team could focus more on delivering value adding new features.

Users & Painpoints:

The users impacted by this initiative were our portfolio management and financial analysts users. Their painpoints were higher volumes of support tickets logged by them due to slow performance in the system at times. This caused slowdowns in the work and led to a poorer user experience.

As part of our strategic vision to deliver an exceptional digital experience to our users, this was an area we saw we could improve on.

My Role:

As the product and agile lead, my role was to coach this culture into the team and goal was to action it by carving out chunks of time over a 4 month window in each sprint to leverage analytics from our users and platforms and search for areas of opportunity. These could be recurring support issues, performance issues or bottlenecks and explore ways using automation or other tools to improve on it.

After the initial sprint was complete, this mindset was to continue going forward with check-ins on how we are doing and a roundtable on areas and ways we can improve.

Outcomes & Metrics:

  • Identified recurring support issues and implementation solutions to reduce ticket count by 60%
  • Identified common bottleneck areas in certain back end SQL processing. Team created a number of user stories to optimize this and sped up back end processing by 20%.
  • Improved our user satisfaction, productivity and sped up the time updated data is delivered to the end user.

Recognition Received:

“I really appreciate the day-to-day support as well as empowering us to always find ways to improve everything from system availability to team productivity. Also thank you for the feedback and career advice throughout the year which help me focus on areas to work on and continue to grow.”

Ivan Lai, Senior Product owner, direct report