Investor CRM Product

Completed: 2023

Mission & Goal:

For this project, the mission was to roll out a new global, digital web based product that can be used to track and monitor portfolios of issuers and loans managed by the corporate finance teams and provide secondary benefits to downstream users in credit risk and portfolio management. The goal was to have this become the core central, global standardized platform for the corporate finance team.

One avenue this company and team makes money is by funding private deals. For example if a private entity (issuer) wants to finance a new stadium to be built, they could create a security and receive a loan in the amount of say 100 million, to be paid back with interest over 10 years.  This team would provide the loan and make revenue via the payments with interest.

The goal of this product is a one stop CRM type software for tracking these issuers and investment deals and managing a deal pipeline for continued revenue generation.

Users and Painpoints

The Global Corporate Finance team and their users, which consists of various analysts and oversees over 100 billion in public + private credit.

A major painpoint is the users were primarily doing so on spreadsheets (hundreds of them across 80+ Analysts and Leaders) or older tech debt ridden apps. Different analysts in different regions use different tools and there is no global standard, leading to large operational deficiency, risks and lack of productivity.

This product goal was to unify all these different ways analysts were working across different regions into one unified web digital product with a cloud based back end. Along with that the strategy was to have standardized workflows to increase productivity of each analyst and API connections to the companies data lake and the SWIFT payment network to so deals could be taken from inception, analysis and final payment in one place.

Screen Mockup
UI Screen Mockup
Funding Screen and Swift Wire Transfer

My Role:

Acting as the Project / Program Manager for the rollout. Responsible for overseeing the requirements, budget, project timeline and navigating cross functionally to include risk, audit and architecture as the integration crossed multiple platforms and products.

Also was responsible for building the agile squad, ran daily standups, sprint PI Planning, roadmaps and conducted weekly presentations to stakeholders to communicate on status and navigate any roadblocks.

Outcomes & Metrics:

  • $11M a year in increased investment gains through simplified workflows, ease of use and higher productivity.
  • Allowing existing analysts to do more with less, which provided 1.2M a year in cost avoidance due to less analysts needed to support growth.
  • Addressing many open audit and risk issues due to tech debt and scattered business processes.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and alignment to company vision of becoming a digital leader.