Completed: 2018 – 2021

Mission & Goal:

The vision of EverProductive is how to take agile techniques from the software development world, combine it with mind and body awareness to give a simple framework you can use to make you more productive and feel more accomplished each day. “Simplifying Productivity”.

Course Preview

Users & Painpoints:

The users of this were students or working professionals who felt overwhelmed each day and didn’t know how to filter the noise, stay focused and get started. This is a course and framework for those who are already busy can’t take on anymore. It’s meant to be a simple approach, to reclaim focus, organization and apply a framework to make small progress each day on your goals, building confidence and fulfillment along the way.  

Course Signups

My Role:

My role was the founder, writer, and ultimately complete creator of this course. Drafting a vision, researching user pain points, incorporating feedback, building the UI/UX design and developing the web front end and email marketing back end.  Through its creating it had several iterations as I used A/B testing for lead captures, built email marketing funnels, leveraging Google Analytics for insights, and building in feedback loops directly into the course for continuous improvement.

Course Email Marketing Journey

Metrics & Outcomes:

  • Enrolled over 2,000 students
  • Featured on several outlets (Success, Lifehack, TinyBuddha)
  • Featured on several podcasts (Mister Productivity)