Portfolio Management Product

Completed: On-Going Product, Initial Launch 2020 with new feature growth.

Mission & Goal:

This product mission was to build a global portfolio management system that will leverage components of three existing standalone applications (to be phased out) in order to a deliver a single, consolidated digital web experience that will meet the major functional needs of the user’s global investment desks.

Users & Painpoints:

The users of this product are portfolio analysts and portfolio managers. The issue was there were different investment processes that were separated into different products. This created a lack of a unified view that led to greater periods of time for users to do their work and contributed to a poor user experience. These products as well were desktop based, as opposed web based which made it a challenge to deploy, support and led to longer release cycles.

The consolidation of functionalities among these into a new digital web platform enabled the business to better mitigate financial risk and make better investment decisions at greater speed that contributed to higher Economic Value Add (EVA). Consolidating application functionalities also increased global usability by providing a one-stop access point to a series of value-added functionalities. This is in alignment with the overarching vision of providing a great digital experience for our users.

My Role:

Acting as Product Manager post MVP – ran and coached an agile squad, prioritizing work and deliverables on tight time frames and budget. Ran daily standups, managed JIRA board, backlog, end to end delivery of new features, coordinated demo of new features with users and incorporated constant feedback for continuous improvement.

Mock-up of UI

Outcomes & Metrics:

  • Built functionality and requirements to expand user base to new regions – User growth ~50%
  • Integrated with centralized data lake – reduced API Interfaces by 75% for data feeds which in turn reduced support issues.
  • Built out new features to see annual investment growth ~10% YOY.
  • Merged 3 products into one, reducing cost due to less infrastructure and support.

Recognition Received:

“As you know, we’re always changing our scope or looking for improvements in how we do things and you two have helped tremendously with accomplishing those goals. You understand our business and put yourselves in our shoes, suggesting ways to improve on what’s in place already. Keep up the good work.”

Michael Zalanyi, Global head of portfolio analytics